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Monday, Feb. 1st 2016

Your Diet – Fat Fighters – And A Positive YOU!

fat-fightersThe number one New Year’s resolutions – lose weight. According to statisticians, about 45% of the USA makes a resolution and sadly, only 8% of them succeed in sticking with their resolution. How did you do?

If you, like most, are struggling to lose weight, we have some realistic advice – ASK for help and STAY positive. So many people get discouraged in the first few months of a new routine (like starting a new diet). The Holiday’s get blamed for weight gain and then the month of January is hard because the weather is less conducive for physical activity. Believe it or not, most of the foods you ate over the Holidays were actually super great foods! Turkey, squash, apples, sweet potatoes…all GREAT foods for a healthy diet! The issue is the amount consumed, the way it was prepared, and lack of movement.

Skinny Stomach Wraps wants you to know you have healthy options and your diet does not have to be lettuce and boneless, skinless chicken breast for the next 3 months to get the pounds off! In fact, we believe that you can stay positive, eat well, enjoy delicious meals, and still fight fat with just a couple of tiny adjustments.

First, change how you prepare your super great foods! Meat, like chicken and turkey are low fat and high in protein. Instead of drowning them in breading and sauces, try using fresh herbs and spices to get a flavor zing and bake (never fry) your meat. When it comes to your side dishes be creative. Side dishes are where the majority of your calories come from so you want to avoid sides that are high in carbohydrates (pasta, bread, …) and go for steamed veggies, salads, sweet potatoes, etc. Skinny Stomach Wrap did a little research and we found that Fitness Magazine, Allrecipes, and Food Network are a wonderful resource for healthier, lower calorie/carbohydrate alternatives for the side dishes that are super tasty. These recipes put the same super great harvest foods on the table, but they are prepared in a healthier way so your diet is not ruined.

Second, give yourself permission to enjoy a treat now and then! Let’s face it, there are just some side dishes and treats you don’t want to avoid. Your healthy lifestyle should never be a source of sadness! Every once in a while it is Ok to enjoy a high fat, taste great creamy gravy, cheesy pasta, piping hot piece of pie with ice-cream, or an ooey-gooey cookie. Take a Fat Fighter 1 hour before you eat and enjoy a little splurge.

Skinny Stomach Wraps says take a Fat Fighter 1 hour before every meal you eat so that all the food you consume is not harmful to your diet, your body, or your positive attitude. Our favorite “Fat Fighter” will block some of the fat and carbs you consume from your meals and will help balance your blood glucose level. Because your glucose is in balance your sugar cravings won’t start stalking you and you may find the cravings are reduced. You can enjoy a smaller portion of a dessert or a creamy side dish without being driven to eat the entire thing or feeling guilty!

The Skinny Stomach Wrap Fat Fighter is the simplest of solutions to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution (or get back on track if your January wasn’t as successful as you had hoped). Simply take 2 Fat Fighter tablets (about an hour before eating is best) and then sit and enjoy your meal. The Fat Fighter absorb some of the fat and carbohydrates from your food so that your body doesn’t and you can eat with peace of mind.

Try these two minor adjustments – healthier preparation of your food and 2 Fat Fighters about an hour before meals – during the month of February (it’s a short month) and get back on track with your diet and your war on FAT! Remember, Skinny Stomach Wraps is looking out for you and hopes you have a positive February!

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