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Tuesday, Aug. 15th 2017

Get Results With It Works! Skinny Stomach Wraps!

There are so many benefits to your body from using the It Works! Skinny Stomach Wraps! You can reduce stretch marks, minimize cellulite, tighten loose skin, rejuvenate your skin, and firm up your skin….

The It Works! Skinny Stomach Wraps application process is easy and you can do it in the privacy of your home. In just 45 minutes you will see results! The Ultimate Body Applicator (Skinny Stomach Wrap) comes four in a box, which is considered one full treatment. ‘One Wrap is a Treat, Four Wraps is a Treatment, 12 Wraps is a Transformation’. To tighten, tone and firm your stomach, arms, thighs or any other part of your body, the Skinny Stomach Wraps is the answer!

You can use It Works! Skinny Stomach Wraps on any part of the body except the face, and we have a facial bar for that. Tummy, back, sides, arms, legs, neck – most commonly used areas, can all be wrapped.


Step 1 – Take a ‘before‘ photograph of the area you will be applying the wrap to.IT-WORKS-KC-SKINNY-STOMACH-WRAP-TIGHTEN-TONE

Step 2 – Remove one wrap from the pack and unfold it.

Step 3 – Apply the cream-infused side of the wrap to your clean skin.

Step 4 – Smooth out the wrinkles in the wrap so the cloth lies flat against your skin.

Step 5 – Secure the wrap into place with plastic wrap.

Step 6 – Leave the wrap on for at least 45 minutes; drink 2 or 3 glasses of water while you wait.

Step 7 – After 45 minutes remove the wrap; smooth on any excess cream. Discard the used wrap. Tip: The body wrap ingredients stay active the body for three days.

Step 8 – Take your ‘after’ photo. (Taking another photo each day is a good way to keep an eye on your progress).

Step 9 – That’s it! Check yourself out in the mirror and notice the difference just 45 minutes can make!

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