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Friday, Sep. 11th 2015

My Opinion on Raw vs GREENS

When you care about people and their health, especially when you are in the business of helping people look and feel the best they can, you tend to be seen as an expert resource on what is and is not healthy. Since people are always asking me for advice on different diet or exercise options I try to stay informed by reading up on the latest diet trends. The other day, while researching diet trends, I came across an interesting article about “diets to avoid”. The article was based on an actual study that was done on the top 6 diets that were trending in 2014 and was done by registered dietitians who are members of the Weight Management Dietetic Practice group of the American Dietetic Association.

While I was reading through the results, I was shocked. People will actually try the most outrageous things to lose weight. I believe sticking to any one of these diets would be harder than simply eating balanced healthy meals and adding a bit of exercise to your daily routine.  To show you what I mean, here is an example of one of the diets I read about in the study, the Raw Food Diet.

Premise: Cooking removes nutrients so raw is better

Results: Eating lots of minimally processed fruits, vegetables, and grains is good for the human system: however, food processing (as in cooking) actually boosts the bio-availability of several key nutrients, primarily the phyto-nutrients, and inactivates some of the unhealthy compounds. No added benefit of a primarily raw diet

My opinion on this diet is, since there is no added benefit, skip the raw food diet and eat more healthful whole foods―cooked or raw. The raw food diet is rich in all plant-based foods including fruits and vegetables; nuts and seeds; and sprouted seeds, grains, and beans. These ingredients are great, but it is not all about just peeling a banana and eating it. Preparation of meals is actually complex and time consuming, ingredients are very pricey, pre-packaged raw food creations (available at Whole Foods and other high-end supermarkets) are just as expensive, and most of the foods/meals are not very tasty.

I suggest eating more balanced meals and if you truly feel that your diet is lacking or maybe you really don’t like fruits and veggies, try adding a healthy supplement that can supply your body with the nutrients you need. I sell a product called Greens and believe me, this product is all natural and delicious! Greens is a detoxifying, alkalizing drink powder that promotes pH balance within the body. One serving of Greens is equivalent to 8 or more servings of fruits and vegetables.greens

Greens is made up of 38 herbs & nutrient-rich “superfoods” and tastes great. Prep time to give any meal a healthy boost is about 2 minutes. I think that Greens is the best way to ensure that you are giving your body vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes in their naturally-occurring, bio-active, bio-available form. One glass of Greens and you super charge your meal and your body! It Works!

I hope I have given you food for thought before you attempt some new trendy diet. Even more than that I hope you try Greens (or any of my amazing products) and then let me know what you think of it after a month. As always, I am all about being your best YOU and that is why I do what I do – I promote healthy food choices, plenty of rest, and some sort of physical activity to stay fit because a healthy life will lead to a healthier you! 

I’d love to hear you thoughts, especially if you have tried any trending diets in the last year. Feel free to read my story and visit my website (Skinny Stomach Wraps) to comment or send me a note.


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