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Tuesday, Dec. 12th 2017

It Works! Lemon Essential Oil

lemon essential oil skinny stomach wraps it works!Lemon essential oil is made by cold-pressing the lemon peel, not the fruit. There are many uses for this amazing product. From just one burst of naturally uplifting and inspiring lemon essential oil you will be thinking happy thoughts. Add a few drops to your Essential Diffuser and the the sweet, clean aroma fill the room. You can further enhance your mood and help fight off depression after one deep, joy-filled breath by diffusing lemon essential oil into the air. Lemon essential oil helps to decrease nausea and vomiting in pregnant women, can reduce nerve damage from sciatica and improves dopamine levels which help to overcome addictions.

There are many other household and personal uses for this fabulous oil. Use it with It Works! Fractionated Coconut Oil and dab a bit on your hands or wrists for a fresh whiff of citrusy sunshine.

Add it to your laundry to freshen and brighten your clothes. It also removes the mildewy odor from damp laundry that has been left in the machine too long, leaving your clothes smelling clean and fresh.

By mixing with baking soda and coconut oil, lemon essential oil is a safe, natural tooth whitener. Just rub it on your teeth and gums, wait for a couple of minutes, and rinse your mouth for clean and sparkling teeth and a fresh breath! Additionally, as a face wash, lemon essential oil is wonderful as it improves your complexion by leaving the texture of your skin feeling soft and supple. A mixture of the oil, baking soda and honey and is a deeply nourishing acne face wash.

It Works! Lemon essential oil is ideal for cleaning greasy hands, too – just add a couple of drops in your liquid hand soap and wash away all the greasy residue, leaving your hands feeling soft and clean. Add 40 drops of lemon essential oil, plus 20 drops of tea tree essential oil, to a 16 oz. bottle of pure water and a little white distilled vinegar, gently shake and use as a natural disinfectant for your shower, tub and counter tops – safely! It also works great as a polish for your silverware and wood furniture by soaking a cloth into the oil to gently polish and cleanse. It’s also perfect for removing sticky kid-goo from walls and other surfaces.

Did you know can boost your immune system by adding 2 drops of lemon essential oil in a bottle of water every day? The taste is divine! It will help boost your metabolism and works as a natural fat-burner, supporting weight loss. And not only that, it is supportive of lymphatic drainage and will help you get over a head cold quickly. You can also mix it with a little coconut oil and rub it into the skin on your neck and chest.

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