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Sunday, Apr. 13th 2014

Get Over Yourself

Being an It Works Global independent distributor has been a thrill!  These first two years have been awesome and I can’t wait to see what the next two years have in store.   There are many exiting things about this business, but he best part is meeting remarkable people that we otherwise would have never met.  It’s a joy to be surrounded by like-minded people…you know, the ones who seek success, grab life by the horns, and don’t mind what others think of them.

All too often people are afraid what others think of them.  They let the perception of others drive their behavior whether for good or bad.  Let me give you an example.  When Shauntel first started with this business I didn’t want any thing to do with It Works.  I didn’t want to wear the shirts or mention it to anyone because I was embarrassed that my wife was selling Skinny Stomach Wraps.

The reason I was embarrassed was because I didn’t want others to look at my wife and I as some salesy people trying to take advantage of our friendship by selling Skinny Stomach Wraps.  Sure the money we were making was unbelievable, but I still wanted to keep it “hush-hush”.  I didn’t want to ruin that perception (in my own mind) of how my friends viewed me.

This all changed one-day when my wife asked me to put an It Works post on Facebook about Skinny Stomach Wraps.  I politely told her that I would help her with this business but I didn’t want to be posting on Facebook.  Remember, I had this perception in my mind of how my friends perceived me and I didn’t want to alter that.  Shauntel sternly told me “who cares what your friends think, they aren’t paying our bills”.  What she told me really resonated with me… because it was true.

From that moment on I’ve tried to not worry so much of what other’s thought of me.  Whether they think I’m a stand up guy, a salesman, or a hustler really doesn’t matter much to me anymore.  What matters is that I don’t let what others think get in the way of our success.

Don’t let another person’s perception of you hinder your success.  Your destiny belongs to you.  Get Over yourself and enjoy success!!

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