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Friday, Jun. 12th 2015

3 Exercise Steps to a Brand New YOU!

You woke up, looked in the mirror and said, “I wish I were in shape!” and then you did absolutely nothing to change your routine or your physical appearance. Wishing you were able to fit into last year’s summer clothes is easy, actually losing weight, tone muscles and make healthier choices is much harder. Why? Because you can’t change overnight! You have to actually change your habits and exercise and the results take time. You can’t do a few sit-ups and BAM your six-pack abs are popping out. You can’t jog or walk a mile and the next day everyone wants to know if you got calf implants. Exercise is a commitment.


Yes we said it, the “C” word. There are plenty of products available that promise fast exercise-free results, but NOTHING works like being committed to your exercise routine. Whether you decide to be physically active every day or set your routine as every other day, you must first commit to the process of changing your body. It took time to get out of shape and it is going to take time to build new habits to get in shape.


Instead of stopping before you get started, because exercise is hard or some other excuse, how about you commit to try something new. Before you run and join the gym or commit to 4:00 a.m. Yoga classes, we suggest you try following these three easy steps. We are pretty sure your exercise will feel less like a sentence of committed struggle and more like an adventure where the result is you enjoy reaching your healthier goals.

  1. Review what failed or didn’t work in the past and STOP trying to do that!

Congratulations, you already know what “get in shape” method doesn’t work for you. If you counted calories, ran on a treadmill, did kickboxing, tried starving yourself, or whatever, and you’re not happy with the results, it’s time to try something new. Drastically different! Allow yourself to try a bunch of new things to see if you like any of them. You are more likely to stick with something you like.

  1. Give yourself permission to HAVE FUN and to be INSPIRED by exercise!

If it raises your heartrate, gets you off the couch, you breathe a bit harder, and makes you smile while you sweat …you may have found your perfect exercise activity! Keep doing that thing, whatever it is, because whoever said exercise had to be hard and hated was wrong, If climbing a mountain brings you joy then become the best mountain climber you can be and do everything you can to climb even higher. Once you reached the peak, go find another activity you like and let it consume you!

  1. Surround yourself with people who SMILE when they exercise!

Share your passion with others who enjoy exercise and let them inspire, support and motivate you. Find a buddy who likes to do the same physical activity as you and then go inspire and motivate them to get up and do it every day. It is easy to let ourselves down, much harder to not show up when you know everyone is counting on you to be there! Surround yourself with people who want to be healthier and more active and you will find that your exercise is less of a burden and more of a happy event. It may just become the brightest part of you day.


Ok, nothing is ever that easy. Starting a new routine takes effort and sticking to it takes commitment. We are suggesting you stop doing what hasn’t worked and stop trying to do the stuff you don’t like. If you want to have big muscles then yes, you have to weight lift, but if your goal is to be healthier and fit, then your exercise options are limitless!

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